How It All Began ...
"Where on Earth is Uzbekistan?” was the typical reaction when I told our friends that Dave and I had signed contracts to teach there for a year. I couldn’t blame them. Prior to signing, we also knew nothing about the country. But we had always wanted to explore Central Asia and, being teachers, we thought "What better way to learn about the culture and history of any place than by interacting with local people on a daily basis."
During our years here I have kept our friends and family apprised of our adventures in the form of regular missives. Many people have commented that I should create a blog which could be accessed by more readers. But, having a full time job, living a life and writing about it is very time consuming. I also had no technical knowledge about blogs. And that is where Dave came to the rescue. Our arrangement was that I would continue to write, and he would take care of the techie side of things. If you are reading this then it worked, and we hope that you will enjoy it.
Reading my blog is like getting together with a good friend and just listening to her light-hearted accounts of her experiences in Uzbekistan. So keep going! I promise you will be entertained, and even a bit enlightened, by my adventures in this delightful far-away corner of the world.